Kristi worked her butt off during the sale of our condo. She encouraged us to paint before listing which made a HUGE difference, then she made it look amazing for the photos, showed it whenever someone wanted to see it (we went away for the weekend to give her full access), knew more about the building than we did and managed to pull in 8 offers! Needless to say, we were thrilled with the result! Thanks again Kristi!
– Amy H

We met Kristi through our mortgage broker and it was as if it was meant to be, she conducts herself in a very honest manner that charmed us right from the get go. We thoroughly enjoyed going over properties with her and go for viewings. She truly had our best interest at heart and provided us with valuable insight on properties and in general. Kristi truly was the main reason behind us buying our first apartment- she is amazing! My husband and I are wholeheartedly recommend that if you need to buy a place she is your agent! 
– Anna R

The Zwick Chimes Real Estate Group has built a very strong team with Kristi Holz, one of the Group’s Realtors, being absolutely fantastic. Kristi has helped my friends and clients with their real estate purchases and I’m always glad when we work together. Every one of Kristi’s clients has been knowledgeable about the home buying processs and understands what to expect… it’s a pleasure to work with clients who are so well informed and taken care of – thank you Kristi! As a mortgage broker who works with dozens of realtors, Kristi is at the top! 
– Eitan Pinsky from Pinsky Mortgages

Kristi was absolutely fantastic right from the start. She was extremely patient, understanding and attentive throughout the entire process. She kept me up to date on every aspect of my purchase and was quick to answer questions and follow up with additional research and information. I truly appre- ciate everything she did from the initial condo hunting to the handing me the keys to my new condo. It was a wild and crazy ride but am thankful to Kristi for showing me the way! 
 – David L

 I was and still am so grateful to have found Kristi Holz – I was a total beginner and she went over everything so thoroughly with me. She asked me all the right questions and patiently answered all of mine. When we set out on our search for the perfect place for me, Kristi educated me as we went along about what to look for and what to be concerned about. She made sure I had all the informa- tion at every critical moment, and was indispensable at negotiating time. I absolutely and highly recommend Kristi Holz, she really knows her stuff. I am still thanking her. Thank you so much Kristi!
 – DeeDee N

Kristi was superb during the sale of my condo. She ensured that my condo looked fantastic by bringing in plants and art to brighten up the space and make the photos pop! Her marketing looked great. She represented herself well during the sale and was educated about what was happening in the building and the noteworthy details of my condo, which got me a great price. I was very happy with the sale process and wouldn’t hesitate to have Kristi sell the next one!
– Chris L

 Going the extra mile (in style): Kristi @ Team We Love East Van did it all from giving us rides to showings to late night email corresponding to extra patience with me when I was working out of town. No ask was too big. We first time home buyers definitely COULD NOT have done it without Kristi. Smart, approachable, organized, on the ball and always maintaining good working relation- ships with clients and colleagues… you can trust her with your most important life decision.
 – Sonya

 We worked with Kristi last year as we were buying our first home. She was able to answer (and even anticipate!) all of our questions and we were impressed with her knowledge of all areas of the housing market. She was able to share information about specific buildings & units based on her previous experience, and she was able to help us break down the pros and cons. We were really impressed with her quick responses and constant communication, and we would not hesitate to work with her again & refer her to friends.
– Shandy J

We had done our own research and had inspected a never ending list of dives and run-down “fixer-uppers” thinking that was all that existed in Vancouver within our budget. Once we got in contact with Kristi, we inspected three stunning places, got a second inspection on one of them the next day, and had an accepted offer that evening! For a first home buying experience, we couldn’t be happier, and are glad to be raising our first little baby in the amazing place that Kristi found and encouraged us to make the “leap of faith” to buy so quickly!
– Mick P

Thank you Kristi! We so appreciated your patient persistence in helping us find the perfect place. Kristi wasn’t at all pushy, yet stuck with us over a period of nearly 3 years of off and on real estate searching. We especially valued her good knowledge of the area and her honesty in warning us about places that had issues. She was personable and friendly, and helped make the experience a pleasant one for us.
– Jennifer R

It was a great experience working with Kristi! She was very professional, knowledgable, and friendly in helping us to find our first home. She made sure that we understood all the different aspects of the home purchasing process, which is exactly what we needed!<
– Ara B

Kristi was an extraordinary help throughout the process of buying my first place. I was in the market last year with no luck, and restarted the search end of December. She was informative, accessible and quick to respond to any questions/concerns/interests. She knows her stuff and she was always very honest. I’m happy to say I found the perfect place and the buying process was smooth thanks to Kristi’s knowledge, patience and understanding of the industry. She’s also very calm and friendly, which made the process less stressful. Not only will I recommend her to anyone in search of a new home, I will ask her to represent me for any future buys or sales. Thank you Kristi!
– Razi S