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Mortgage Brokers vs Banks

Having a trustworthy relationship with a good Mortgage Broker is a godsend for Realtors. I am happy to help my clients with every aspect of their purchase, but I’m quick to refer my clients to a good mortgage broker. You need a professional because Mortgages are incredibly complex, even more so due to constantly changing mortgage regulations and increasing property values.

I prefer to refer Mortgage Brokers over banks for a number of reasons:

  • Mortgage Brokers have made mortgages their career speciality. Bank associates may specialize in a variety of bank products.
  • Mortgage brokers are self employed, often working days, evening and weekends. This flexibility is very helpful in Vancouver’s fast paced Real Estate World. Bank associates often work standard 9-5pm weekday hours.
  • Mortgage Brokers have access to a number of banks, credit unions, and independent lenders to find you the best mortgage rate and terms for your situation. Bank associates only have access to their own products, which might not be ideal for your situation.
  • Mortgage Brokers are licensed and required to do ongoing industry education to stay on top of the mortgage industry. Bank associates may not require their employees have an official Mortgage Broker license
  • Like many careers, the best of the best typically start their own company. The best brokers start their own team to manage their business without the red tape of a large bank.

One mortgage broker I work very closely with is Eitan Pinsky and his team. I have full trust in Eitan and his team thanks to their emphasis on mortgage education for each client (and Realtor partners!), their quick turnaround with information, their up to date industry knowledge and their love of the job!

Mortgage Information for Buyers

Eitan has written a number of articles about every aspect of the mortgage industry. I’ve picked a few of the most useful articles to share today, with the links below. I would encourage you to use his website as a source of information and to call him for all of your mortgage needs!

Mortgage Basics – What a First Time Buyer should know

Mortgage Options – What to consider when it comes to your mortgage

Mortgage Professionals Now and Where They are Headed – A review of how Mortgage Brokers differ from Banks

If you have any questions about mortgages, re-financing or what you can do to improve your opportunities, contact Eitan: