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Meet Kristi Holz

For those of you looking to get to know me – Kristi Holz – here are my answers to 20 questions to get started!

I have a lot of real estate experience and neighbourhood knowledge so if you want to chat about your real estate journey, get in touch! Suggest your fave spot and I’ll meet you there.

20 Questions with Kristi Holz

Where are you from? 

Kristi Holz: I grew up in Mississauga and went to the University of Waterloo, both in Ontario. I received a Bachelor of Math in Combinatorics and Optimization, a really interesting style of Math. Think about airlines or pro sports: Combinatorics and Optimization is the type of Math used to figure out the detailed, intertwining schedules. I enjoyed learning in University, but wasn’t keen to go forward with a Masters or to jump right into a corporate job. So once I was done University, I drove across the country with some friends and dropped my bags in Vancouver.

Why did you become a Real Estate Agent? 

Kristi Holz: I have always been curious about the Real Estate industry! I loved my neighbourhood growing up, but I really enjoyed seeing where everyone else lived too. I realized that your home and your community have a significant effect on your lifestyle, so I was always keen to try somewhere new. Meanwhile, at home, my mom was always doing renovations so I was also learning the value of turning a house into a home. Not to mention, I was obsessed with home shows growing up.

Real Estate seemed like the perfect combination of logic and emotions. The logical side relates to the transaction – insights into current and future value, finances and contracts. The emotional side relates to the lifestyle you’re choosing – neighbourhoods, floor plans and style. I’ve always been interested in design so I embrace the opportunity to create the space that appeals to you. Though most people aren’t lucky enough to build their own home (my pipe dream!) you certainly have a choice in how you feel in your home.

Favourite part of being a Real Estate Agent?

Kristi Holz: The fact that every day is different, and I can be challenged in so many different ways depending on who I’m working with and what’s happening in the market. Seeing what my clients have done with the space after they’ve moved in is a great feeling.

Where do you live in Vancouver? 

Kristi Holz: I live in Mount Pleasant East now, but have previously lived in Kitsilano, Strathcona and the West End. 

Favourite East Van Neighbourhood?

Kristi Holz: Strathcona. I lived there before many of the newer restaurants and amenities came into the neighbourhood. Strathcona was great then, and it’s getting even better. The history of the area is interesting too. It’s the oldest neighbourhood in Vancouver and you can see that in the architecture. The location is incredibly central – a quick bike to The Drive or Yaletown, a short walk to Gastown or the Seawall and you’re a couple blocks away from the best part of Main St.

What’s your favourite hidden gem in Vancouver?

Kristi Holz: The antique and interesting furniture stores along Main St and Commercial Drive. I’ve bought a lot of furniture from these odd stores, and always stop in if I happen to be in the neighbourhood.

What’s your favourite not-so-hidden gem in Vancouver?

Kristi Holz: The nature! I really appreciate how green and colourful Vancouver is with the opportunity to climb a mountain and hit the beach in the same day.

Are you a Morning or Night Person? 

Kristi Holz: Both! I accomplish a lot right in the morning, and often find some focus in the evenings. 

Coffee Shop Order? 

Kristi Holz: I have an efficient order: drip coffee with milk. I might treat myself to a Chai Tea Latte if I’m looking for something other than coffee.

Favourite Quick Restaurant?

Kristi Holz: Sal y Limon in the Fraserhood is amazing and Kokomo in Chinatown always has something good (and vegan!).

Favourite Sit Down and Relax Restaurant? 

Kristi Holz: My preference changes all the time, but anywhere with good cocktails. I’m more focused on the drinks and the environment than the food, but The Botanist hits every note.

What’s one thing you would change about Vancouver?

Kristi Holz: Patio hours! It would be nice to sit outside later than 10pm in the summer and (legal) beers on the beach would be great. I would also love to see more hidden neighbourhood restaurants and patios in Vancouver like you see in Toronto. An NBA Team would be great too.

Favourite Style of Design/Architecture?

Kristi Holz: Heritage Exteriors with Modern Interiors. The quality of workmanship and ornate, symmetric detail in classic design, but with a clean, modern twist. I love seeing wood and other natural elements in design, and would want some bright colours in the space as well. An easy transition between the indoors and outdoors is important to me too.

Favourite Room in the House?

Kristi Holz: Wherever the fireplace is (which is ironic because I don’t have a fireplace right now). Otherwise outside on my patio.

Car or Bike?

Kristi Holz: Bike if I can, but my car gets a lot of use. I’m looking into an electric for my next one, though I might have to settle for a hybrid.

What’s your perfect Vancouver day? 

Kristi Holz: A diner breakfast (Paul’s Omlettery is my fave), some time outside (the beach or the forest) and a fun evening with friends – drinks, sports, games – good company is always welcome.

Favourite Travel Destination?

Kristi Holz: I’ve done my fair share of travelling, but I still really love Europe. The mix of lifestyle, architecture and history is perfect.

Favourite Book?

Kristi Holz: This changes all the time. I tend to read a lot of non-fiction (currently books about nutrition) but I always end up craving fiction (spy novels are fun).

Thoughts on the future of Vancouver?

Kristi Holz: I appreciate the focus on bike paths and green spaces. There is a lot of transition happening now, so I hope we can retain some of the each neighbourhoods feel while giving new residents and business owners an opportunity.

Five Year Goals – personal or real estate?

Kristi Holz: I want to doing a renovation on my next place. It’s a lot of work, but I look forward to the challenge!

For more about my career: Meet Kristi. Give me a call if you want to talk real estate, I’m always happy to help!

Kristi Holz